The Producers

Opus 54 was produced by Caleb Bassett and Ian Welch as a class project for senior church history at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. However, the project quickly evolved from a class project to a personal project. We both had an interest in church music and worship theology, which is natural for a seminarian training to be a pastor. We had both also developed a keen interest in photography, videography, and filmmaking. It made perfect sense to work on a project that not only satisfied a class requirement, but also appealed to our personal interests.

Neither of us have any formal training in videography or photography. We relied on practice, trial and error, and careful observation of the art of filmmaking and photography to build our abilities at lighting, shooting, and editing. The project has helped us grow as artists, and also helped us grow as students and theologians.

Caleb Bassett

Caleb Bassett was born on June 2, 1982 in Bellville, TX. The son of a layman, Caleb’s family moved several times during his childhood and eventually settled in the St. Louis area. Caleb attended Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, WI and graduated from LPS in 2001. He then enrolled at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN and graduated from MLC in 2006. Caleb took a year off between his sophomore and junior years to travel and work a secular job in northwest Germany. He credits his year in Germany for developing his eye for photography. After graduation from MLC, Caleb continued to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI. God-willing, he will graduate from WLS in May of 2010 and receive an assignment to serve in the pastoral ministry.

Ian Welch

Ian Welch was born in Madison, Wisconsin on April 13, 1983. Several years later, Ian moved with his parents and three siblings to Beaver Dam, WI, where they still reside today. After graduating from Luther Preparatory School in 2001, Ian continued his education at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN, graduating in 2005. After his first year at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Ian assisted with music at Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Chula Vista, CA the following year. During his time in California, Ian developed an acute appreciation for sacred music and continued to work extensively on his own compositions and graphic design. Ian is currently in the graduating class of 2010 at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

Ian Welch (L) and Caleb Bassett (R).